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Labrou wood mouldings (hereinafter COMPANY), recognizes the importance of security for personal data and electronic transactions. COMPANY believes that protecting and safeguarding such data is of utmost importance and takes all necessary technical measures to do so while complying with laws in force. The data that COMPANY selects are those required and used solely for the purpose for which they are collected, to the exclusion of any other undesirable use thereof.

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to inform subjects of the data collected to serve them, and to inform them of special offers and new services. Through this policy, the data subjects may receive information regarding their rights to access, correct or delete the data.
  2. Personal Data: The COMPANY requests and receives from you only the data that are absolutely necessary to serve the relationship between us and are used only for the purpose for which they have been collected. Data which you have voluntarily provided the company are also collected.
  3. Data Security: The COMPANY has taken all available technical measures to safeguard your personal data. It provides limited access only to those employees/associates for whom it is necessary to have access to said data. It takes all necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access, use or modification of the data. It complies with laws in force and has established procedures to protect such data.
  4. Receivers of Data: Receivers of data may only be authorized company employees or third-party associates who through contracts with the COMPANY have committed to observe this policy and mainly not to copy, distribute, destroy or alter these data.
  5. Subject Rights: The subject of the data has the rights provided under Law 2472/1997, as in force from time to time, and specifically the right to access, correct or delete data. Related requests may be submitted either through the company website or via e-mail at, or by telephone at +03210 5577743.
  6. Use of Data: The COMPANY may use your data to inform you of special offers, about new products and new services and anything else that is related to the operation and organization of our company. 
  7. Disclosure of Data: The COMPANY will not disclose data related to users and their transactions unless authorized to do so in writing by the data subject or unless required to do so by court decision, prosecutor's order or decision/provision of a public entity.Links to other websites: The ability to access the websites of other companies may be provided through The COMPANY 's website. The COMPANY is not liable to users for any leak of their personal data resulting from their use of third-party websites, products or services.
  8. COOKIES: The COMPANY may use cookies to recognize users. Cookies are small text files stored on each user's terminal which do not receive any information nor gain access to a user's personal data or documents. Cookies are used for the sole purpose of facilitating user access to specific products and/or services and for statistical reasons in order to determine the areas in which COMPANY’s products and/or services are popular, or for marketing reasons. The COMPANY enables users to declare they are opposed to the use of cookies, though in such cases users will no longer have access to these types of services.
  9. Policy Amendment: The COMPANY reserves the right to amend this policy, updating this text so it reflects the law regarding protection of data as in force from time to time, and under any other circumstances it deems fit.