● Maintenace of impregnated timber

● Maintenace of impregnated timber

The appearance of impregnated wood.

The wood that has been treated with TANALITH E and Tanatone, initially has a strong natural brown color. By exposing them to external climatic conditions, this intense natural brown color changes to a faint blond brown. Then, in the long run the color changes into a natural gray - silver.

It is necessary that the maintenance of the impregnated wood will be repeated every year with a brush, through well-known water based preservatives. Moreover, it is more necessary to preserve the color conservation of the wood, than to preserve-maintain the properties of the preservative impregnation.Ιn this way, we succeed the extension of the lifetime of the wood, reaching the 15-years, but also "refreshing" the appearance of its color.

How expensive is wood impregnation? / Maintenance of impregnated timber

As we mentioned above, impregnation gives wood the privilege, the possibility to lasts more. Taking this into account, there is no exaggeration to say that the impregnation costs are very short.

In order to say that, we must first consider the huge cost of replacing the non-impregnated wood, which will surely need after a short period of time. On the contrary, impregnated woods require a small and almost inexpensive maintenance per year.

Legal provisions.

Timber treated with TANALITH E preservative has been maintained in accordance with the relevant requirements about penetration and absorption of the relevant national and international standards as well as the relevant Uses, as defined in EN 355.