● Full cell process with Tanalith E

● Full cell process with Tanalith E

How is the right impregnation made?

There is a specific procedure for impregnating under pressure. The most effective way to achieve a proper and effective wood impregnation is to impregnate it in a closed chamber using industrial hydraulic pressure. Using this way of impregnation (Vaccum pressure impregnation or otherwise full cell method), we permit to the preservative to penetrate deep into the wood with the assistance of pressure and water. This preservative, due to the high pressure, is forced to penetrate deep into the wood. So, we end up to impregnation with results that are obvious in the near future.

Our company uses a 12 atm impregnation chamber, adding to its preservative impregnation and brown color. With the brown colorant, which completely covers the entire surface of the wood, the end user has the opportunity to place the wood directly in the construction without further painting or other paint treatment.

The full-cell method.

The best wood protection is when we use the full-cell method (pressure chamber impregnation). In this process, the pressure phase does not stop until the wood has absorbed all the necessary ingredients of the preservative during the time of impregnation. The stronger the first gap is, the more preservative solution can absorb the wood. The final vacuum ensures that the wood can be removed from the treatment chamber without the unnecessary liquid of the preservative. The wood that has been impregnated in this way is provided with every ingredient that will ensure a longer life in the future. 







What is Tanalith E?

Tanalith E is a water-based wood preservative. Contains copper and proven organic biocides. When we impregnate the wood with Tanalith E, the organic ingredients it contains are associated with the wood structure. Thus, it is rendered extremely unlikely to be removed from the wood.

What is Tanatone?

Tanatone is a pigment. This pigment gets through the process of impregnation in the water mixture. During this way, it gives the wood a ready-made paint in brown color. So, the maximum effectiveness of the preservative Tanalith E is achieved.

Our company has been using the Tanalith E as well as Tanatone for several years now.