● Embossed texture on wood

● Embossed texture on wood

What is the embossed texture in general?

The embossed texture is essentially an innovative artistic technique. Based on this technique, we create an asymmetric and irregular design on a material like wood, which in this particular case we are interested in.

The design can be animated and increased or even decreased, depending on how the mechanical equipment that produces is regulated. As an artistic technique, the embossed texture of wood has a history of hundreds of years, but mainly through its natural "decline" over the years. In our company we can attribute this artistic natural " decline " of the wood without the required time needs for  the process of a long-aged wood.

How is the embossed texture made in a wood?

Providing a complete mechanical equipment for the production of embossed texture on the wood and using the appropriate molds and their individualization (production speed, number of related headstocks, heavy or smoothed cutters), our company achieves several and different patterns on an embossed surface. We can apply the embossed texture to most types of wood. Despite this, it is worth mentioning that the softer is the wood, the easier and "painless" the whole process of embossing texture becomes. However, this does not means that the embossing texture cannot be applied to hard woods.

It may come sometimes hear the embossed woods mentioned as embossed ‘’sculptures’’. Nevertheless, they are not really sculptures. The raw materials that is being used in the productive process is the same with the raw materials that is used in smooth surfaces.


Difference between smooth – embossed texture.

The difference between flat and embossed surfaces is that instead of smoothing, the wood has an etched texture.

The embossed texture gives the wood more interest, something different than usual.

It attributes an asymmetric pattern. An irregular surface.  A random finish.


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