Through its long course, the company has managed to achieve its two major goals:

 the production of the finest possible final product, while at the same time satisfying its partners at all levels.


To achieve this, we are obligeted to take a look at the production process at all stages:

  • From careful selection of raw material, guaranteed by direct cooperation with foreign companies  and supply from them. Its farther individual categorization makes possible to produce wood mouldings and impregnated timber with the best quality results.
  • Managing the production process at all stages (sawing, planing, packaging, storage, handling). As a result of this process, we achive the best quality and price ratio of the final product (value for money), which is perceptible and recognizable by our associates throughout these years of operation.
  • Lastly, the fastest possible time-to-market of our products, either with our own transports or with co-operating with transport companies.


We thank all those who use our products in their stores, thus recognizing our constant commitment to the details of production and the contentment of our associates.

The timber we use for our products is from FSC® certified companies, as they responsible managed forests.